Eric Eben Sevareid

Teaching and Mentorship



Courses taught (and first semester offered)

  • Introduction to Sociology (fa 2019)
  • Social Problems (sp 2021)
  • Race, Ethnicity, & Inequality (fa 2021
  • Drugs, Alcohol, & Society (sp 2022)
  • Sociological Theory (fa 2022)
  • Introductory Statistics (fa 2023)
  • Sociology of Emotions (fa 2023)
  • Social Psychology (sp 2024)
  • Population Science and Policy (fa 2024)

Additional courses

I have been teaching independently as a Ph.D. candidate for four years and as faculty for less than a year. In addition to the courses I have taught (︎︎︎), my training, qualifications, and interests mean that I am also prepared to teach the following, each from an interdisciplinary lens (sociology and psychology) :

  • Family Science and Policy
  • Family Violence
  • Romantic Relationships
  • The Life Course and the Transition to Adulthood
  • Relationship and Family Policy
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods  ︎︎︎ ︎︎︎ ︎︎︎

Course Syllabi

(and this link for my course AI policy)
  • Intro (click link for file)

Consultation and Mentorship

Relevant Service

  • Chair of the Graduate Student Mentorship Program subcomittee of the Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA) at Bowling Green in 2019-20; mentor 2021-22 
  • Chair of the Professional Development Committee for SGSA in 2022-23.

Quantitative Methods Consultation

The sub-concentration to my PhD is in quantitative methods. I have extensive training in a variety of inferential statistics and quantitative approaches to social science. I have tutored and taught inferential statistics aimed at various skill levels and I can offer instruction in the following survey data analytic strategies:

  Linear and Multiple Regression:
       Poisson/Negative Binomial
  Latent Variable Modeling and Psychometrics:
           Cross-Lagged Panel Models

  Demographic Techniques:
       Life Table
       Event History/Survival Analysis

Please contact me if you would like to set up a tutoring session or workshop!