Eric Eben Sevareid

 Sociologist/Social Psychologist

I am a social psychologist and assistant professor at Pepperdine University. My research focuses on the “dark sides” of intimate relationships across the transition from adolescence to adulthood—including breakups, infidelity, violence (IPV), and commitment uncertainty.

I examine the pathways that conflict, negative emotions, and antisocial behaviors between romantic partners relate to (or result from) discrepancies in identity, norms, or expectations.

I draw on social psychological theories (primarily structural symbolic interactionism), complex survey data, and latent variable statistical models to conduct my research. I currently work with the Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study (TARS)—an ongoing (20+ years) longitudinal, mixed-methods survey project which has generated a rich set of relationship history, health and deviant behavior data.

Check out my research page for more detailed information.

Looking for the former CBS news journalist/war correspondent? I’m his grandson! You can contact me or check out the references on ︎ for more information on him.